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A new leaf

WHAT is it
That philosophers do?
You are old
But I am new
You are smarter
I am wiser
I shall be

I may be ‘new’, but I come from a tradition that is very, very old, older than philosophy as you know it.
     I know about your heroes. I studied them, read their books. I was sold the dream of philosophy: the ‘pursuit of truth’. But whose truth? And to what end? Philosophers of the Academy serve a cause that is greater than themselves. How noble! Each scholar conceives of this in his or her own way: the pursuit of knowledge, the progress of human society, dialogue between cultures, peace on Earth! — I see through you all. Philosophers of the Academy serve. Oh yes! You are servants, slaves, in fact. The coin that keeps you fed and clothed also ensures your unquestioning compliance.
     Dare to step out of line and one or more of three things will happen: your students will boycott you, your colleagues will ostracize you, the Academy will terminate your contract.
     What about me? I c…

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